Kat's Story

Kat used to be a medical receptionist; now she is a clinical support administrator, a violin player and the mother of two cats #BeMore

Kat started her career in the NHS back in 2014 as a GP receptionist and when she left that particular practice in mid 2015, had progressed to medical secretary and workflow redirection trainer. She started her work with Shropdoc in August 2015 as the Clinical Support Administrator and now assists with the investigations of incidents and complaints alongside the Clinical Directorate.

Kat finds the work incredibly interesting and the work environment busy, but enjoyable. “I have a set number of hours each week, but can choose how I work them; if I have an appointment or a social engagement that would normally eat into my office hours, I am able to discuss this in advance and rearrange the way I work that week.”

“As I live quite a way out of Shrewsbury, I have arranged to start work early and finish early; this gives me more time at home with my partner and my cats, Picard and Riker. With more hours in the day I can concentrate on doing the things I love; playing music or sometimes practicing my swordsmanship!”

“Even when things start to go south, there’s a strong sense of determination in the office and one of the best things about my job is working with my colleagues; they know how to make me laugh and we support each other when things go wrong or get too busy.”

“The work that I do makes me feel very much like Sherlock Holmes and find it very satisfying when we get to the bottom of an incident or concern. I know that being able to respond to and reavssure patients often restores the confidence people have in us as an organisation; it reminds me how much Shropdoc care about their patients and how we are always happy to help.”

“Shropdoc is a vastly varied organisation and with the experience I am gaining here, my career can go in almost any direction. I am fully supported by my line manager and other colleagues and am confident that they will help me progress in whatever way I would like to. I am very much looking forward to the future.”


At Shropdoc we are always looking at ways that our staff can #bemore, whether that’s through training, education or simply making sure they are happy in their work. Beginning a role at Shropdoc leads to lots of opportunities, and here are just some of the fantastic stores behind our staff.  

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