Niall's Story

Niall was a college student; now he’s a call handler, a rugby player and a family man.

Niall originally came to Shropdoc in 2014 whilst studying politics, sociology and history at sixth form college, and has now progressed to a full time member of staff. “In 3 years working here I have progressed from a student working 10 hours per week after college to a full time member of the in hours and out of hours team. Throughout this time my managers have developed and trained me with great care, and I now have the responsibility of training staff on my work streams.

I feel that Shropdoc is an organisation that stands out from the crowd when looking for a good work life balance; my un-orthodox yet efficient work hours allows me to maintain my sporting and academic life out of work. I play rugby and cricket for my local teams and enjoy spending time with my family. I’m also very keen on historical research!

“The goals I hold for the future are quite clear, I want to reach a managerial role and see Shropdoc as an employer who can help me achieve this.”

I take great pride in the knowing that when my work day is done I have helped people in need. To work for Shropdoc you need a caring and passionate demeanour so every day I go home with a sense of accomplishment leaving my mind clear for my out of work life.”


At Shropdoc we are always looking at ways that our staff can #bemore, whether that’s through training, education or simply making sure they are happy in their work. Beginning a role at Shropdoc leads to lots of opportunities, and here are just some of the fantastic stores behind our staff.  

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