Rebecca's Story

Rebecca was a renal nurse; now she’s an urgent care practitioner, a globetrotter and a bookworm.

Rebecca began working as a UCP at Shropdoc in 2016, coming to us with an extensive nursing background. “I’ve been nursing for over 25 years in many different specialities, although I’ve spent the last 6 years as a renal nurse, where I was also training and education lead. I left my renal nurse post as I felt I had so much more to offer, and wanted to develop in another area.

Since starting at Shropdoc my knowledge of primary care and clinical problems has progressed immensely – I’m currently working as a UCP1 in CCC, in hours triage, oncology and out of hours triage. I’ve received excellent training in all these areas and am surrounded by wonderful, supportive colleagues. The opportunity to progress is encouraged everywhere in the organisation.

"I feel a lot happier in my chosen career, and this has certainly improved my work life balance."

I’m a keen reader of American crime novels and I love to travel as much as I can – Hawaii is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and Buenos Aires is my favourite city. I’ve visited China, USA, Brazil, Australia and Thailand amongst others, and I will soon be planning my next adventure!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my role with Shropdoc and love being a part of a service which is continually growing and developing.  The adventure continues!”


At Shropdoc we are always looking at ways that our staff can #bemore, whether that’s through training, education or simply making sure they are happy in their work. Beginning a role at Shropdoc leads to lots of opportunities, and here are just some of the fantastic stores behind our staff.  

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