Our People

The Board is composed of elected GP members, who represent a geographical constituency, and one general member.  They meet every month to monitor the ongoing management of the company and debate and formulate policy.

Our members are:

  • David Coull (Chairman)
  • Dr Aaron Dean (Non-Executive Director)
  • Dr Charlotte Hart (Non-Executive Director)
  • Dr Russell Muirhead (Non-Executive Director)
  • Martin Newsholme (Non-Executive Director)
  • Daniel Robinson (CEO / Statutory Director)
  • Dr Simon Chapple (Medical Director / Statutory Director)
  • Nicky Wilde (Director of Operations / Statutory Director)

In support of the Board, the Chairman, who is elected annually by the Board, has an executive operational role. The Chairman regularly attends various meetings to maintain a good understanding of the running of the company and represent the company both internally and externally.

The Executive Management Team (EMT) is responsible for the running of Shropdoc on behalf of Shropdoc Board, as well as strategic planning for the future of the organisation.  EMT members are:

  • Dan Robinson (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Dr Simon Chapple (Medical Director)
  • Nicky Wilde (Head of Operations)
  • Kayleigh Davies (Head of Human Resources)

Our Values

Shropdoc was built with a simple mission...

'To keep the patient at the heart of all that we do’

This remains unchanged and patient care is at the heart of all that we do.

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